Chip Repair – Why Replace, when you can save money and repair?

Windshield repair is effective, safe, economical and convenient.  It takes less than 30 minutes to complete in most cases.  Low Price Certified Glass Repair specialists will repair chips and nicks.  Windshield repair will restore the integrity of the windshield and help prevent the damage to your auto glass from spreading.  The chip will less noticeable and all without replacing the glass.

​An Affordable Auto Glass Repair

Most insurance companies will waive your deductible if you choose to repair instead of replace your windshield, if you have comprehensive coverage.  This means no cost to you.

Why you should repair that chip now.

Glass damage can spread and under certain conditions, it is likely to happen more quickly.

  • In cold weather conditions, windshields develop a more concave shape spreading the chip in a horizontal fashion.  According to the Motor Industry Research Assoc. (MIRA) chips and cracks were 80% more likely to spread at temperatures of 14 degrees and 60% more likely to crack at 32 degrees.
  • Warm weather conditions cause chips and cracks to spread vertically.  The same study by MIRA suggested that the heat distorts the shape of the windshield glass, which can lead to cracking by itself.  However the cooling effect of the A/C in your vehicle is likely to set off a crack.
  • Driving over a speed bump, pothole or other uneven terrain can cause a chip to crack.  The force of the driving event radiates through the vehicle and this puts additional stress on the edges of the chip, causing a crack to form and enlarge.  It isn’t possible to know how long it would take for a crack to spread, however, warm weather, cold weather and bumpy driving will eventually cause the windshield crack to widen and lengthen.

Get your windshield repaired early and stop the damage from spreading and prevent the need for a windshield replacement



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